service background

Home and business feng shui consultations are available for all sizes of space. Jason's experience ranges from 400 square foot apartments and lofts to multi-story homes and business areas with multiple thousands of square feet. The process for both home and business is similar.

A Feng Shui Toronto consultation normally consists of 4 parts:

Before the Consultation

For any consultation, clients are asked to provide a scale floor plan of the home or business along with the year of construction, and a history of any major renovations.

For a home consultation, the birthday of all of the residents is also requested. For a business consultation, the birthdays of those fulfilling key business roles can help determine optimal office placement.

Initial Visit

The initial consultation consists of a personal visit to discuss expectations, identify areas of focus, and answer questions. At this time a first set of notes is taken, as well as compass readings. If a floor plan could not be provided, measurements will be taken at this time.

During the initial visit, I talk with you to understand the activities that take place in the home or business space, forming an idea of the practical needs of the client. For example, in a home, do you need a room to use as a home office? In a business, what activities are carried out? The qi appropriate to a head office are different from those of a medical space. The better an understanding I have of the needs of the space, the more practical a recommendation I can make for its layout and use.

Written Report

After the initial visit, a full written report is created examining each room. The report makes concrete suggestions on how to optimize the flow of beneficial energy. It also includes a section on the "annual stars" for the current and following calendar year. These annual stars are the energies that change from year to year.

Second Visit

When the report is ready, a second visit is arranged to go over the report with you, area by area, and answer any remaining questions.