Date Selection

service background

Feng shui is the study of carrying out the right action in the right space at the right time. Part of that study and practice is date selection, or, selecting auspicious times to carry out major activities.

Events that commonly employ date selection

Feng Shui Toronto can be engaged to select dates for such major events as:

  • Business launches
  • Dates to break ground
  • Times to submit sales listing for home and other sales
  • Dates to have an open house or party to revitalize a hoe or office
  • Dates to move into a new home or carry out renovation or landscaping

Methods used

Depending on the specific activity, a number of different methods may be used, either independently or in combination, including:

  • Da Gua Methods
  • The Great Sun Formula
  • Clash Avoidance
  • Tai Sui and San Sha identification