Site Planning

service background

Consultations often occur well after a space has been established, but why remedy the feng shui of your space when you can ensure good feng shui from the outset?

If you are doing major renovation or construction work, or if you are moving into a new home or business space, then Feng Shui Toronto can work with you to ensure that each step of your process is informed by solid feng shui principals and practices.

Services available

You can engage Feng Shui Toronto at any point in the development process. Some key services include:

  • Advising on an auspicious day to break ground.
  • For new constructions, advising on the positioning of the building on the planned lot.
  • Working with you or your architect to find window and door placements that maximize the flow of sheng qi (living breath) into the home and minimize sha qi (killing breath).
  • Working with you or your architect to advise on the interior positioning of rooms, walls, and hallways in the interior layout of the home.
  • Working with your landscaper to improve the qi flow of your home through design of your walkways, driveways, and land and water forms.
  • Working with your designer to advise on colour palettes, room purposes, and possible focus items for your space.
  • Advising on an auspicious moving date.
  • Helping you select a day for your house warming, or business opening, and to activate the qi in your home.