Feng Shui, through harmony and balance, encourages positivity.

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Online Plum Blossom Course Coming Later This Year

Plum blossom divination is a method of I-Ching divination that does not rely on the tossing of coins or the counting of yarrow sticks in order to obtain a reading. Nor does the reading rely solely on the use of the I-Ching text.

More information about this course is available under the Seminars area of this site.

Feng Shui is a centuries-old study of energy and space use. It is based on the theory that everything around us is permeated with and created from energy or qi (often spelled chi). Feng Shui practice recognizes that this qi has an influence on our luck and health, and that by properly balancing and using the qi around us, we can improve our health and prosperity.


Yin and Yang qi -- passive and active energy -- must be in balance and proportion.


The energy of the 5 elements, 8 directions and 9 stars must harmonize to create an environment for health and prosperity.


With Feng Shui you can encourage and use the most prosperous and beneficial energies in your environment. Knowing the best place to conduct activities, you can make use of the qi that is most useful to you.